Doulas provide continuous physical, emotional and informational support to the birthing family before, during and immediately after the birth.  The goal is to support the birthing person and increase the family’s emotional capacity to birth beautifully in their very own way.  

Whether you’re planning a non-medicated birth or to receive an epidural, a home birth, birthing at a hospital or birth center, having a planned c-section, hoping to avoid a c-section or if you have no specific plan at all, we can help you. While birth doulas are most often used in non-medicated births, consider our support for any way that you hope to birth.

We also love to help families plan their postpartum life to ensure the transition is as manageable as possible for each member.  Bringing home a baby (or babies) is a special undertaking.  We can help you enjoy the time by keeping you focused on the moment, remind you of your options and ushering in practices and habits that encourage a healthy recovery.