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Doulas provide continuous physical, emotional and informational support to the birthing family before, during and immediately after the birth.  The goal is to support the birthing person and increase the family’s emotional capacity to birth beautifully in their very own way.  

Whether you’re planning a non-medicated birth or to receive an epidural, a home birth, birthing at a hospital or birth center, having a planned c-section, hoping to avoid a c-section or if you have no specific plan at all, we can help you. While birth doulas are most often used in non-medicated births, consider our support for any way that you hope to birth.

We also love to help families plan their postpartum life to ensure the transition is as manageable as possible for each member.  Bringing home a baby (or babies) is a special undertaking.  We can help you enjoy the time by keeping you focused on the moment, remind you of your options and ushering in practices and habits that encourage a healthy recovery.

The Birth Connections Team

Ravae Sinclair, JD, AdvCD(DONA), LCCE

Ravae is a community builder and supports families as a Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula, Certified Childbirth Educator, Placenta Encapsulator, Doula Trainer, Doula Mentor, Business Coach, and a board member of multiple birth-related organizations.
After 20 years a birth doula, Ravae has supported over 780 families in a variety of settings.  She is prepared to provide your family with a unique plan of care. She serves families as an advanced doula in the Atlanta, Miami, Washington D.C. and Milwaukee metro areas.

Kim Stinger, CD (Birth & Postpartum)

Kim has been a doula since 2018.  She came to doula work as a massage therapist, servicing pregnant clients in their home. Kim has completed birth and postpartum doula workshops, with her most recent workshop being from DONA International. 

In addition to doula and massage work, Kim has also trained to be a placenta encapsulation specialist.  When not supporting clients, she spends time with her husband, 5 daughters and a huge extended family.  She also enjoys all things outdoors-camping, composting and gardening.  

Jessica Johnson, CD (DONA) 

Jessica is a true blue Southern Belle, born in Athens, Georgia. She enjoys gardening, cooking, football, spending time with her family and relaxing by a fire and ocean.  

Prior to working as a doula, Jessica worked in a nursing home assisting and extending grace to those that had lost some or all of their independence. Jessica has 2 children-a son and a daughter.


Erin Clark

Erin has always loved the birth experience and attended several to support her friends during childbirth.  Four years ago, she decided to make it her career by becoming a doula.
Erin wants to educate birthing people and help them understand they have choices and options.
What is good for the doctor may not be ideal for the person giving birth. And that’s okay! Erin said, ” I am fearful for the people going into birthing spaces without doulas or without the education about the things you are able to do during birth.” She wants each pregnant person to go into the birth experience feeling empowered instead of fearful.

Kameko Jones

Kameko completed her DONA certified doula training in 2019. She’s supported family members and friends throughout the years and found such joy in “being there” during a joyous time. She has over 20 years of healthcare experience and enjoys supporting women’s health and witnessing how a body prepares for labor and delivery. She prides herself on providing compassionate care while giving wholeheartedly.
Kameko was born and raised in Maryland. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and 3 children, loving and spending time with her granddaughter, hosting family and friends at her home, cooking, traveling and watching football. When she’s not doing any of these you can most certainly find her near sand and blue water.